Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Works

After a couple of posts regarding the games I have been playing, I thought I'd drop a few pictures of the models that I am working on at this moment in time.

First up is the Riptide. Work has kind of stalled on this after picking up the Eldar again, but to be honest, I'm in no rush to be painting it. The plan is to pick up more Tau stuff after this has finished, perhaps the cool new Battleforce, but my focus on the coming months is the Eldar so I'm not going to be fielding this army any time soon.

Next up are the Rangers. These are close to being completed, the main colours are down and it's just focusing on the fine details now. The reasoning behind the Brown Doctor Who coats are down to the fluff. Cameoline Cloaks change colour to whatever environment they are in, and the main colour of my bases are Rhinox Hide, so it makes sense for the cloaks to be that colour too. Once I have finished painting these, there are plans for the bases which will make them a little more scenic than the simple scheme I usually run and also plays to the hiding in shadows fluff behind the Rangers (but are always taken as Pathfinders).

Finally is the Wraithlord. I've gone for flamers and Twin Linked Scatter Lasers and tried my hand at a bit of light repositioning by having the Wraithlord look as if they're clambering over an Imperial ruin. I'm looking to get this dude finished by the weekend for the local GW painting competition, I've come up with a nice backstory to the soul trapped in the construct and I want the paintscheme to tell that story. It's a nice challenge, and if it comes off, it is sure to draw attention.

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  1. Your rangers are very nice dude!

    Making me want to do Eldar a bit more each time :-)