Friday, 19 April 2013

My Favourite Kind of War

I thought I'd start off my first miniatureless post with a little piece on my favourite scenario in 40K 6th edition, Relic.

In the gaming circles round these parts, whenever a 6 is rolled for scenario, a collective groan of dismay goes up. Because, for some reason, Relic is not a well loved child. I have a feeling as to why it's not liked, and that's because of the reason that I like it. It promotes movement, and it promotes tactics.

There is always one relic, and it is always in the centre of the board, and it is always the key to victory. A lot of warlords seem to believe that the essence of 40k is to sit at the back of the board, hide in buildings and kill the enemy. Well, in Relic, there are only three secondary objectives, and if you are only going to be camping at the back of the board, you aren't going to be getting Linebreaker. So you are looking at a max of 2 points, whilst I grab the relic for 3 points and sit out of range of your guns for the rest of the game.

But when you get two players fighting over the single objective, then it becomes interesting. The relic can become a killbox, so do you set up to take out any models that go in for it, or do you try and run and grab it then spend the game weathering fire? Do you take it at the start, or do you deny it until the last turn? How do you use your non-troop models to your advantage? It's all one big scrap over one insignificant piece of plastic and I really enjoy these games.

As opposed to other objective games, it becomes too commonplace to stick the objectives in your deployment zone and (especially if there is an odd number and you have the extra objective) create a defensive gun line. Some people may enjoy that, but I always enjoy jockeying for position over the table.

Also, if anyone believes you win Relic by walking it off the board, give them a slap.

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  1. You know what dude, you're exactly right. It's a sin we are all guilty of when placing objectives, the team with that goes first gets two objectives which invariably end up either in their deployment zone or as close as can be in an advantageous position.

    It kind of ruins the sport of the game if one team can just sit back and hold two objectives as it makes it unfairly difficult for the 'attacker'.

    I'm very guilty of this to be honest, its kind of how my 600pt tournament force has to be played.

    Plus relic is hellish fun if you go for it!