Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Green Menace!

Hey guys!  Craig's already covered it but I thought i'd add my own report on the great 600pts game we had on Thursday night.  Despite the way it went (south, quickly) we both had a really good time and learnt a bunch of stuff about our armies.

See you after the break!


Hey guys Craig here.

Today's post is all about how my Orks and Matt's Dark Angels faced off against each other.

As I don't have a huge force fro my Orks (as of yet) a small 600pts game was on the cards. I knew that at this points cost Matt couldn't get a lot. Mine wasn't a huge amount but I still felt confident going into this small but no doubt bloody battle.

Matt's List was (roughly)

Command Squad all with bolters. 1x Apothecary, 1x Librarian 3 x normal guys plus the banner of devastation (Salvo 2/4 Bolters)

1 x 10 man tact squad, all with bolters
1x 5 man tact squad 1 with plasma
3 Black knights with plasma and grenade launcher
5 Vets tooled with meltas and combi wepons.

My List

Grukk Face Rippa
Weird Boy level 2

1 x 12 boys, Boss nob, Eavy armour, Big Shoota
1 x 11 boys, Boss nob, Eavy armour, Big Shoota and Trukk (Trukk had Red paint job, Boarding Planks + Big Shoota)
1 x Deff Copta, twin linked Rocket Launcha
1 x killa Kan, Big Shotta, Clan claw.

We were using the objective cards second time using these bad boys. I was like a kid at Christmas using his new toys.

Turn one I charged my Trukk straight up the right flank, Moved my Deffcopta out of the way of his black knights and the Killa can clanked forward towards. the banner of infinite shooting. To say Ork shooting is appalling is an understatement. I hit with a massive NOTHING. However I did manage to turbo boots my trukk a bit more. At least i did something in my shooting phase.

Matt's turn one. was just the beginning of the end. He took out my trukk and half of the unit with it. Making them flee and left Grukk all on his own to face the 5 man tact squad. He also managed to take a hull point of my Kila Kann and a wound of my Deffcopta.

My Turn two shooting was still underwhelming. however I did manage to take out a black knight. with my deffcopta. Then I thought my luck was going to change Grukk was in charge range of the 5 man tact squad. The beast of Sanctus Reach was going to get in a make a small mess of these imperial suck ups. O how I was wrong. in over watch he took two wounds. (Double 6 on the plasma to hit) got into combat I killed two Dark Angels and the unit finished me off. considering his is suppose to be a beast in combat I was a little disappointed. Maybe the dice gods were testing my patients.

Matt's Turn two. My unit of boys were murdered with bolter fire including the Weirdboy. Matt's veterans finished off the Killa kan with ease. The deffcopta died. All I had left was 4 boys from the trukk that had blown up. I think as a mercy killing Matt left his black knights within charge range to see how his knights would fare. After two round of combat the orks had finally been curb stomped.

We tallied up the victory points and I had 1 point. Matt had somewhere into double figures. Safe to say Matt cleaned up big time.

What I have learnt from this battle is to buy either another trukk to get both units of boys up top quick. or buy a looted wagon 7pts more and cannot be killed by bolter fire. I am looking forward to playing Matt again and this time Grukk will have his revenge.

Untill next time guys.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Tale of Many Gamers: Like a Shooting Star(weaver)

I know it's not the end of the month, but I got a head of steam and a chock load of motivation and piled it into this here Starweaver. It was what I was working on over the Bank Holiday weekend, and the last weekend saw me finish up the crew, gun and base to put this one to bed.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tale of Many Gamers - The Return of the Mojo!

Tale of Many Gamers check-in two is tomorrow morning, and for me its bitter sweet.  Last check-in I was able to enter two models, shown above, but this time I've missed the deadline.  On the flip side, the model i'm working on has really helped me get back on the horse with my DA and painting in general after about a month of almost complete hobby blackout.

Tale of Many Gamers: Trouping the Colour

Another month, and another unit has been painted. This time, it is my first Harlequin Troupe, and the first half of the Cast of Players formation.