Friday, 1 May 2015

Tale of Many Gamers: Trouping the Colour

Another month, and another unit has been painted. This time, it is my first Harlequin Troupe, and the first half of the Cast of Players formation.

I was not keen on adding diamonds to this unit as I didn't feel that I could do them justice, but in the end I decided to give them a go on the lapel and cuffs of the Troupe Master. I think that they have come out quite nicely and could probably afford to give them a go on other parts of the model at a later date.

I've already given this unit a bit of a chance in game, and they were hampered by my shooting being better than expected and they didn't get into combat with any meaty units, but I didn't feel that they were that weak that they would be a weakness if I were to take them again.

Next on the list is to finish their Starweaver transport and then paint the second Shadowseer and Death Jester to round out this formation. Work had got in the way a bit this month, so I hadn't progressed as much as I would have liked, and I would be lying if I didn't that the new Eldar codex is a bit of a distraction too as I would like to have the Guardian Battlehost formation painted to a high standard, and I even lack a lot of the models for that one.

As something of a palate cleanser, I bought and painted the new Autarch model over the release weekend. It gave me a chance to work at my edge highlighting and also to try and refresh the Ulthwé scheme whilst also trying to keep the colours as simple as possible. I think it's come out quite well, and is sitting in the display cabinet at the local Games Workshop for now whilst I try and work a schedule to give him a Swooping Hawk retinue.

So, my pledge for next month is to try and get the Skyweaver and the two supporting units for this Harlequin formation finished, and if I have time either make a start on the Faolchú's Blade formation, or pick something from my Eldar backlog.

What have you got planned for next month? Has the Mechanicus or Knights caught your fancy? How about that new Assassin game with the new models?


  1. Great job on the troupe. They look great! The autarch model looks so much awesomer then you first expect. I was watching reece twirl it around the other day on camera, it's pretty epic!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't taken on the Autarch model at first, but the 360 view on the Gw site made it look more like he was pouncing from a swoop as opposed to doing a karate kid impression that the WD pictures made him look like.

  2. looks good! and yes knights and mechanicus for me!!

    1. I reckon it's going to be Knights and Mechanicus for a lot of people too, I think Matt is going to be adding to his Knight collection too, so hopefully we may have some knight content in the near future.

      I may bug him to post about his current two as they are incredible.

  3. Cheers dude :)

    I've got a post going up shortly about my Tale of Many Gamers efforts, but i'll get one up about the Knights over the weekend for sure.