Thursday, 30 April 2015


I should have done this post at the start of the month, but this blog has hit a few milestones and also been featured on a Podcast.

Earlier this month, we marked 2 years of blogposts and 20'000 views. Back when I started writing this humble blog, I did it with no expectations of an audience, but for something that is pretty much a showcase of my humble work, I am over the moon to be looking at these numbers.

Since then, I have welcomed Matt and Craig to the team and we are rapidly approaching the 100th post, and thanks to Craig, we managed to get ourselves on the Adeptus Terra podcast. You may have read our write up about the Warhammer World visit, well, now you can hear Sam's viewpoint in the recently released Episode 8, and it is well worth a few hours of your time, especially if you are after something to listen too whilst splashing some paint on that brand new miniature you are working on.

If you have found us after listening to the podcast, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the stay. To round off this post, I want to share the army list that I took against Sam and also explain my thoughts behind the army.

So, it was 1500 points, I had just finished the Heroes Path formation and wanted to use them, this consisted of:

  • Death Jester
  • Shadowseer with level 2 upgrade, Neuro disruptor and the Mask of Secrets
  • Solitaire

these clocked in at 315 points, so were a big chunk of the army. As they were an unknown (mainly because I felt I misused them in the first game) I wanted to have a solid Eldar force to back them up, so I took:

  • Farseer with Runes of Warding and Witnessing
  • Two Warlocks
I forgot I had the runes on the Farseer as I took a perils on him, but it didn't turn out too bad for me, the Warlocks are both a meat shield and Warp Charge battery for the Farseer to try and help him buff up the rest of my unit, especially as I will always take Guide due to Psychic Focus.

For my troops choices I took:

  • Two five man squads of Dire Avengers, both in the standard loadout Wave Serpent
  • 5 Rangers
I took Dire Avengers over Guardians as the Harlequins had eaten into my points and I needed to make points savings for the rest of my army, I'm not sure if it comes across as cheesy, but the intention was to make sure I could take the units I wanted in the end.

Rangers are a unit I will always take, they are some of my favourite models in the range, and they are a nice scalpel unit for 60 points to try and pick out troublesome units here and there, or even draw some fire in the first few turns. At 60 points, they are hardly a huge loss if it goes pear shaped.

In the Elites section I opted to take:

  • 5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes
This unit is sometimes swappable with Fire Dragons and I use them as home field defence. Our local meta likes to drop units from reserve into your deployment lines, I like to have a strong deterrent to defend against this play and then have them move towards the centre of the board as the game develops. As Sam found out, they are very hard to charge as being flamer weapons they get D3 auto hits each, which landed me my magic 6 that dropped the Dreadknight.

My last two units were:

  • A Hemlock Wraithfighter 
  • A Fire Prism
I have grown to like the Wrathfighter, especially as psychic shriek gives it a bit more utility, and the Heavy D-Scythes are quite potent (if I can ever roll a hit), it's a unit that hardly sees the light of day, but I like to take it as it also gives me another warp charge to the pile.

The Fire Prism is ever present in my lists, and in this game in demonstrated why. It was guided a few turns and managed to take out a Razorback and a squad of Grey Knight terminators when they dropped down from Deep Strike. The utility of the main gun means I pretty much have an answer to whatever I face on the field and I really feel lost when I don't have one.

This backbone allowed my Harlequins to shine, the Solitaire managed to hold a group of Grey Knights until the Shadowseer could run in and help finish them off. Which then led to my moment of the game when the Solitaire activated Blitz and ran across half of the board to clean up the remaining unit of Grey Knights and give me the game. I can't wait to face something that can flee from combat to see if the Solitaire really is a monster that breaks you in one turn.

So, if you have listened to the podcast, I hope that this has shed a bit more light on the list (take better notes Sam!), and if you are new here, I hope that the blog has convinced you to like the page and come back to read about our future endeavours.

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