Monday, 6 April 2015

Boy That Knight Hurts

Hey guys Craig again

Some of you may be aware the guys here at the Path of the Artisan had our first blog trip to the Mecca of geek, Warhammer World. It started off fairly early with breakfast and chit chat whilst we waited for our fourth member, Who just happened to be Sam from the Adeptus Terra podcast.

After introductions we decided who took on who. I was pitted against Matt with his Death Wing, a Contemptor dreadnought and to make things worse a Knight Titan. For some reason Matt decided to give me first turn which threw me off completely. I knew that either turn one or turn two his guys would be dropping on me with twin linked everything, So maybe this was the reason I had first turn.

After looking at my deployment I could see I had deployed like a NEWB. I had deployed back to front all of my fast stuff at the back whilst my footsloggers was at the front ready for a pounding from the Knight.

This is exactly what had happened. First turn I couldn't shoot anything just moved everything forward. Matts turn one and nothing had come down, then it started raining imperial shells on my Necrons head. All I can say is thank goodness for the Decurion other wise it could of been over a lot sooner.

My turn two things moved slowly forward again. only a few model in shooting range of the knight and the contemptor. So I tried my luck. Nothing!!! I know that obviously I need 6's to glance it to death but when both the dreadnought and the knight both have invuns and I need 6's things needed to be bad for Matt.

Turn two for Matt and everything came down and it came down hard. Belial and his cronies came from the right, his deathwing knights didn't come come they went into ongoing reserves and another unit of normal terminators for some reason deployed in his table half. I thought now was the time to make my death marks work so they came in and tried to shoot them off the board in one go, AND....... nothing. not even a bean. So obviously Matt shot them off the board all but one. He passed his leadership test and stayed there all on his lonesome. Belial and his boys took off a view warriors nothing too special. 

My turn 3 and I needed to do something special other wise this was going to be a slow game inevitably me dying. So I charged my scarabs and my wraiths into Belial and his terminators thinking one round will do it and move on. I was so wrong. I focused most of my shooting on his knight and contemptor only taking a hull point off here and there. These guys can take a boat load of punishment. Combat was here now and this surely had to be Belial's time to die. Unfortunately not. My wraiths and Belial struck at the same time it just seemed that nothing was going to die on ether side. If anything my scarabs did all the killing not the wraiths. After this combat nothing went my way at all.

The Knight rained down shell after shell and model after model was being taken off. In close combat Matt's death wing knights came into combat to help about Belial nothing really survived after that. I kept trying to chip off hull points of his big nasties but nothing was putting them down, so I decided to charge him with my lord. Necron overlord with the voidreaper. (+2 Str, Armourbane,Fleshbane and master crafted) If I could survive the initial St D attacks he was dying and fast. but he had the same fate as most things that gets in a Knights way, DEATH!!! Shortly after this we called it for lunch probably at the right point before all my models got taken off.

The game ended and it was 7-4 to Matt. Thank goodness for tactical objectives otherwise it could of been a white wash.

So things I have learnt from this game with Necrons. Always prioritize your targets, I was going for the contemptor and the Knight when really it should been one or the other. Send scarabs after vehicles and warriors after other man sized things. Even though they have the ability to glance vehicles to death scarabs can do it better and faster.

Things I have learnt from the Knight Titan is either kill it or leave it. I thought with all of my glancing shots that the knight would of died and died quick, however this was not the case. I needed to prioritize my targets. I should of took out either the knight or the dreadnought first then moved on to the next.

Also at all costs make sure to not get into contact with the Knight unless I have initiative 4 or higher and can kill it in one go. At the minute I have nothing specially as the Necrons are all initiative 2 (apart from wraiths with whip coils)

 I certainly had fun playing Matt especially as this was my first game with the tactical objectives. I can safely say the 40k bug has bit me and bitten me hard.

Until next time guys.

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