Friday, 1 May 2015

Tale of Many Gamers - The Return of the Mojo!

Tale of Many Gamers check-in two is tomorrow morning, and for me its bitter sweet.  Last check-in I was able to enter two models, shown above, but this time I've missed the deadline.  On the flip side, the model i'm working on has really helped me get back on the horse with my DA and painting in general after about a month of almost complete hobby blackout.

I've missed the deadline because of work basically, long days at client site followed by tired evenings where I couldn't be bothered to get my PS4 controller in my hand let alone a paint brush.  It's been pretty demoralising if i'm honest.  I've seen Alun get a new codex and models, Craig's really getting into his Orks and all I've wanted is to share the enthusiasm, but have lacked the capacity.

Thankfully, that schedule of terror is over, so I've hit the paint station pretty hard.  I'm using the time to work on a model that I've neglected since it was released over two years ago, namely, the Darkshroud.  I've never seen a use for it as I never had enough Ravenwing to make its inclusion necessary but, as i'll explain in a forthcoming post, that's going to change.  That in mind, it seems like the perfect time to get this one done, so I've finally got some paint on it!

I've really taken some time on this one, more than I normally would.  I've given a really good attempt at making the the windows look right, the first attempt at shading them was a travesty.  I'm happy with how they look now though, Coelia Greenshade and Celestra Grey to the rescue!

Despite being a Space Marine kit and therefore quite sparse, there is a ludicrous volume of detail on this kit, which is partly why it's taking so long to get done.  It's been fun so far though, and really getting my motor running for my latest purchase, but that deserves a post of its own.

For now, I've missed the deadline, but i'm not going to be downbeat.  I've made solid progress on a lovely kit and it's really helping me find the spark that's grown dim of late.  I'll get it done in no time now the end is in sight!

Just so they don't feel left out, here's a couple of close ups of the previous entries for Tale, Deadpool the Vindicare, and Lady D the Callidus! (2 more to come!)


  1. The assassins are beautiful! Love the vibrancy of the reds on those slate bases...which I have to say are really cool with the variance in color (not just grey).

  2. Cheers Greg. My thoughts on bases are that the real floor isn't mono-tone so the bases shouldn't be either.

    Really having fun painting these assassin models :)