Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cadre Fireblade

The new Tau codex has caught my eye recently, thanks to some really stunning miniatures. Given that in Sixth Edition 40k allies have a stronger part to play, and that Tau and Eldar ally at the highest level, I took it as an excuse to start a small army.

The first mini that I've painted is the Cadre Fireblade, the sculpt is really impressive, and after seeing him in-game and what he can do, he's pretty much a safe HQ choice.

I've mounted him the opposite way round on his base as it gives him that look of a leader calling forth a charge.

This model was used as a test for the scheme that I want to run throughout the army. I'm going to be running Commander Shadowsun as my main HQ of choice, so wanted her white armour to form the base of the livery. It also adds a contrast to the black of the Ulthwé army that I use as my Eldar force. I chose a rich blue as the main contrast colour and gold for the Tau insignia to give it a clean look, almost like a Japanese or Roman army from days gone by.

The goal for this army is not to paint a force as quick as possible, like I did with the Necron force, but to paint a unit to the best of my ability before moving onto the next unit. Only buying the next part of the force once that everything up to that point is 100% finished. Hopefully, this will give me a force that not only attracts attention through its strength, but also through it's visual presence.

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