Friday, 26 April 2013

The Fickle Path of the Warrior

...or How I learnt to roll Sixes.

The rematch happened yesterday, I took a modified list with an Avatar, Eldrad, two Wraithlords, a squad of Fire Dragons, 15 Guardians and 5 Pathfinders against the same Blood Angel army that I fought on Sunday, and was so brutally slaughtered by.

The main reason for the changes was to deal with 2+ armour saves, also because I need to expand the Eldar force somewhat. I have 3.5k worth of points for my Necrons, I need to double that for the Eldar. The deployment was standard Dawn of War and the mission was punch each other until you are dead. Which favoured my current set up as it does have a lot of tank punching ability. What followed was to be the balancing of the universe from Sunday.

Starting off, I rolled to seize the initiative, the first 6. So everything advanced, Eldrad doing his thing, and for once, things fell. My Fire Dragons were out of position so I rolled to run them, again, a 6. The Blood Angels were unable to take a casualty in there turn, but the tanks had moved forwards.

In my turn, I advanced again. The scouts took casualties and ran, the Razorback was introduced to the Fire Dragons special ability, also known as 'How to make Tanks disappear', a penetrating hit and yet another 6 obliterated it and the Sanguinary Guard, the bane of the last game were suitably taken out of action by the Wraithlord with the Starcannon. I even threw a Mind War at them because I had never used it before and took one of those chaps out. The Baal Predator got angry and charged at the Pathfinders, who were hiding in a crater and took 3 of them out, the Stormraven failed to turn up, the Scouts failed to rally and ran off the board.

In my turn, I cast Eldritch Storm at the Baal Predator, again, I had never used it and fancied using those spare powers. Didn't roll any damage, but when I rolled the scatter dice, it rolled a hit, so that Pred was span around to face ass backwards. The Guardians were offended by this tank based mooning so shot the Starcannon into the vehicle, penetrating it and yet another 6 was rolled to get rid of it.

Now the Storm Raven turned up, 4th Ed Eldar don't do anti flyer as standard, so it was a case of shoot ALL the guns and hope for the best. Starcannon Lord failed to hit, the Avatar swung and missed, but the Wraithlord with twin linked Scatter Lasers rolled two 6's on four dice, they hit, I only needed to roll them as 6's again to glance it. Lo and behold, two more 6's and the Stormraven was forced to jink to save one of it's points.

-Scatterlaser armed Wraithlord, yesterday

The Storm Raven flew across the board to try and take down something, managing only three guardian casualties, before it was stripped of it's hull points from some more uncanny rolls of consecutive 6's.

In conclusion then, that game went well, but I do wonder whether Sundays list was THAT ineffective. The Wraithlord with the Starcannon did a lot of damage to the Sanguinary Guard, so may have been able to take them down, and the Seer Council could have taken out the tanks. Maybe I'll bank that knowledge for next time.

But still, it was a learning game at heart, that setup seemed to work against that army, so I'll have to try against some more people. I've still got to learn a lot though, I mean, I cast Guide (reroll misses) on a unit with Twin Linked weapons (reroll misses). Derp.

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