Monday, 22 April 2013

Returning to the Path of the Warrior

I had my first game in many months with the Eldar this weekend. After running with the Necrons for the past 4-5 months, the plans was always to go back to the Space Elves after the Invasion tournament as that is where my loyalties lie. So how did it go? I shall proceed to describe events.

My Eldar army isn't really that big, and in 1k point games I generally run with Farseer and Council, 2 squads of Guardians, Pathfinders, a Wraithlord and a Squad of Dark Reapers. It generally goes quite well, it has served me well in the past. Until today when I ran into the Blood Angels and the Sanguinary Guard.

The game in a nutshell went like this. The Wraithlord punched tanks, the Sanguinary Guard deleted everything without breaking a sweat, the Storm Raven turned up, I gave up.

Two things went against me in this game. Firstly, I forgot most of the rules for the Eldar. I set up my Dark Reapers too far away to use Guide, so it had to go on the Guardians, where I forgot they only had a 12" firing range which left me with the Star Cannon. I forgot Doom lasted until my next turn rather than the end of the turn, so I forgot to re-roll on the Sanguinary Guard when they charged in. Witchblades don't ignore armour, they just give 2+ to wound rolls. Secondly, I only picked up the D3's for this game. I would have loved to have rolled badly that game, but I couldn't even roll that well. I think I failed every leadership roll,got chased down on every roll, failed 3+ armour saves like a boss, I even managed to suffer a perils on my Farseer, which, with Runes of Witnessing (test on 3D6, discard highest) is some epic fail.

I hadn't brought any new Eldar in a while. I was hoping that there'd be a lot of new toys with the coming Codex release, and didn't want to be buying outdated miniatures, but I think I need options. So, I'm getting another Wraithlord. They're scary and they punch tanks. I'm also going to ditch the Warlocks and throw in some Fire Dragons. Mainly as a bodyguard for the Guardians if they get threatened by something scary in 2+ armour, and punching holes in vehicles. My Farseer is being upgraded to Eldrad, because Eldrad.

I'm also tempted to pick up two Fire Prisms. Mainly to take on the Tau. Each tank can put down a template that will delete any troop underneath it, and focused, it can threaten the Riptide and the Broadsides. Tau troops like to be bunched up to take advantage of all their shooty rules, and having tanks that can put holes in their lines is really tempting. Get rid of the troops, and who is going to hold those objectives? Also, I would love to cast Mind War on a Riptide.

I'm currently also working on the Eldar Rangers and the Riptide, so I'll look to put up some pictures of the WIP's later on in the week.

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