Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Necron Overlord

This is my most successful miniature to date. At the Warhammer Invasion on Friday 12th April, it scooped the 'Best Single Miniature' award.

The thought process behind this started when I realised that as the tournament was running WYSIWYG, and my Overlords all had Resurrection Orbs in their steely mitts. The loadout for mine was Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs. I was tempted to just model the first two, until it was helpfully pointed out that I could use the Tomb King Apophas model.

So I took Apophas, snipped off his arm and used the old Cryptek arm that I didn't use, and then proceeded to rebuild a warscythe from Lychguard parts and use a warrior head and arm and part of a Deathmark back for the cowl. I used a few spare spine parts for his backbone, because all the high ranked Necrons seemed to have larger spines.

Also, yes, he is holding a Necron Pok├ęball. It was painted that way partly as a joke, but also so that it wasn't confused with a res orb. besides, how else is he going to control the Scarabs?

He was effective on the battlefield too, we were a win away from a top 5 finish, but due to weighted scoring we finished mid-table. But thankfully, the Nuneaton store came away in first place. Good times!

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