Saturday, 4 May 2013

Golden Griffon May: Freehand

The local GW runs a monthly painting competition called the 'Golden Griffon'. Generally, it's a no-prize competition where the winner of the last round chooses the subject for the next round of painting. Last months winner chose 'Freehand' as the subject, and this post will show my winning entry for this month.

This is the second Wraithlord for my army that is armed with Twin Linked Scatter Lasers and dual flamers. I was using this model as a way of improving my modelling skills with a simple reposing and basing concept of the unit stepping over the ruins of a fallen building.

I thought i'd also have a go at free handing some runes onto the head of the Wraithlord, in this case, a stylised Ulthw√© rune, and the rune for Wraithlord. I did intend to carry this theme across the body of the model, which would depict the life of the soul that is encased within the construct.

Sadly, my free hand work is not the best, and still looks sketchy and rough which led me to abandoning the rest of the idea until a future date. At the moment, I am still in two minds whether to go over the existing work and blank it out again. If my hands could have worked the design onto the miniature that was sketched in my head, i'd be much happier, but at the moment my perfectionism is creeping in.

 The rest of the model I am much happier with, the base came out well, and I may try to work some kind of green onto the stone work to suggest some kind of lichen and water based ageing. But at the moment it will do, there are far too many units in this army that have unfinished paint jobs or simply basecoat to be worrying about the very fine details.

I decided that next months category will be 'big', and my model is sorted in my head, it just needs to be purchased first.

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