Sunday, 19 May 2013

Go Go Eldar Rangers

It's been a while, I actually finished these before I went to Spain and had a stay away week of work, especially as these are some of my favourite miniatures in the Eldar army.

The Eldar Rangers, or Pathfinders as I always run them in game, awesome snipers with excellent cover saves, and troops choices to boot.

I don't know why I love them so much as they never really make any big plays in game, probably because they draw so much fire to themselves from the off when they have been deployed in their usual forward positions.

The colour scheme for these is quite simple. Ulthwé armour to fit in with my craftworld of choice, and cameoline cloaks to match the base, seeing as that is how they work on the fluffy side of things. The bases however, aren't finished. I am planning on creating a scenic base depicting the Rangers hiding in ruins and undergrowth, picking off their targets with elfy precision.

These guys, the two bare headed souls, have been cast as brothers within this army. I don't usually give that much thought to names and back story behind my minis, but there was something about how these were posed that made me decide to call them family.

I had intended to get my 2k Eldar force all painted before the new releases in a fortnight, but work has just piled on recently and looks to keep busy for the rest of the summer. So I'm going to have to just get through what I can before the new toys come, and having seen a few earlier, it looks exciting.

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