Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Return of the ToMG

Tale of Many Gamers has returned!  But, what is it?

Our local GW store holds and annual army building/painting event called Tale of Many Gamers, in which the local hobby community is challenged to produce a certain number of built and painted units in a set time frame.  It usually runs for about 5 months and has the goal of getting people to end up with a nicely painted and based force.

Myself, Alun and Craig are all entering this year and have pledged to say the course, something not all manage.  (Myself and Alun have endured hell to stick to it each time we entered though :) )
The format for ToMG was usually thus;

1-2 units to be completed per check in, theme/unit type chosen by Manager
Check in every 2 weeks
"winner" gets cabinet space for completed units until the next check in
5 month duration
Total of 10-20 units
Runs twice a year, once 40K, once WFB

This time, however, we have a new manager and he has changed the format.  It seems to be a little more laid back and should make sure that everyone that enters can reach the end goal;

1 unit per check in
Check in on first Saturday of each month
Last check is in December
Total of 9 units
Must be fully painted and based to complete check in requirements
Can be additions to an existing force, or a new force, but must be shown as unpainted before each check in
Any gaming system

So, with that in mind the three of us have put our thinking caps on and come up with our plans.

Craig is doing his Orks.  He's loving them and see's this as the perfect opportunity to expand his force and painting skills.

Alun is doing Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins.  Well, that's the first check in at least.  His plan is to see if doing 1 unit for each is doable each month.  I hope it is as he'll have a monster (filthy xenos scum) force by the end of it.

Me? I've hit a bit of a roadblock.  I'm currently building a Carcharodons army for a Fall of Badab campaign day in the summer, but I've only got 2 drop-pods left to do for them, so won't be able to see out the duration with them.  (not to mention i'm selling them to a friend on the campaign day too!)

I could do my Dark Angels, but I won't have anything ready until June/July due to other commitments.  So what should I do?


Un-named Guardsmen
What a perfect opportunity to finally build and paint my 54mm Inquisition Warband!  Each model counts as a seperate unit in game anyway and the mandate of ToMG doesn't specify a gaming system to build for this time round.  I've cleared it with the Store Manager, so i'm set!

The painted models in these pictures are going to be stripped and repainted, but not until the end so I can get everything else done first.  I'm not sure how i'm going to paint everything yet, schemes are still forming in my mind, but I've made a start already.

This is "Major Jackson" though that's his official GW name and will get changed to fit my warband's narrative.  He's fully built now and ready for painting.

There are  anumber of models I don't have yet, but I've sourced a few and watching eBay for the rest.

Game on Fella's, Game on!

Battle Brother Asteban
Death Cult Assassins


  1. Asteban and the Assassins look fantastic...haha that sounds like a band name.

  2. Cheers Greg!

    I'm only really updating their paint schemes to match my current skill level. The assassins were done 10 + years ago and Asteban no longer has the correct chapter colours (i changed them to black/gold)