Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tale of Many Gamers: The Heroes Path

It's that time again where I try and expand my army as part of the local Tale of Many Gamers event under yet another new manager. As Matt said in his previous post, this time we are only having to submit one unit per month until the end of the year. Something that is easier, yet harder to achieve in equal measure.

The timescales involved are great for me at the moment as this is around the time where work ramps up and I am only home at weekends, but, it also means that it requires more mental focus to maintain a "little but often" style of production.

My first check in is going to be an ambitious one. I have decided to focus work on my Harlequins, but, as it is only a limited range of models, I have decided that I will also attempt to continue my Dark Eldar at the same time. Then, in a moment of madness, I decided that I will try and add in some Craftworld Eldar during the same period. That means I will be attempting to paint one unit from each of the three Eldar armies per month. Sounds doable, but I really want to paint to a high standard.

My first check in also makes up my painting competition entry, this month being "Stealth", as I have chosen to paint the Harlequin formation "The Heroes Path". This way, I get to paint the three unique characters of the army and start to get a feel of how it is all going to look at the end. I'm about half way through at the moment and I'm pretty confident in getting these out of the door.

Next in line is the Kabalite Skysplinter box. It was the next step in my fledgling army, but got put to the wayside. I need to finish the Raider and paint up 10 warriors to complete this set before I can move onto my next Dark Eldar unit. The plan is to paint these in a Naggaroth style as I really like the purple and golds that they use. After I have finished these, the plan will be to either work at rounding out the transports for my Wyches and Incubi, or to take on another unit, maybe Scourges.

Finally I have a unit of sword wielding Wraithblades. I bought these when they were first released, but they have just been sat with a basecoat on. They are a part of the backlog that has developed for my Eldar, and I would like to start clearing it out so that I can expand on it and give myself a few more options on the field.

Whether I get to these this month is a different matter. I am thinking at the moment, the plan is to focus on Harlequins, then once they are finished, paint the Dark Eldar, then the Eldar. Each month I will start a new Harlequin unit, and once that is finished, I will then move on to the Dark Eldar or Eldar unit that I didn't complete from the previous month. It's going to be a tough job, but I am hoping that the results at the end will be well worth the time and effort.

I might even be able to solo field an Apocalypse army at this rate!

Please keep checking back as myself, Craig and Matt continue with our journey in the 2015 edition of Tale of Many Painters.


  1. I really love the heroes formation. It is such a great way to play with three really cool figures!

  2. I've not had the misfortune of facing them yet but i'm sure I will!

  3. That was the reason I chose it first, I just wanted to get them on the tabletop because they are SO COOL! I've got two of the Finecast models to go with my troupe so that it mixes it up a bit, so that formation may be the next one on the table.