Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Leonardo da Orky

Hey guys Craig here again

As some of you may of read in my last post. I was going to enter my local GW painting contest. Which was a first for me, as personally, I don't think my painting is up to scratch.

Looking at it from another point of view. The only way to get anywhere was to practice so that's what I did. In my opinion I didn't do a bad job. I tried my airbrush for the fist time to lay down the vibrant yellow (it was to begin with) used a few washes, some highlights and I think it worked.

Also to make sure it was easy to travel with and fit in cases I have magnitised the base and the Killa Kans feet. so he comes off the base easy but still holds him on even if someone picks him up. All in all it went well. Unfortunately I didn't win the painting comp but I have achieved something that doesn't come natural to me. I managed to paint a 40k model and if I am honest I now have the bug for 40k.

Now I want more of "da orky goodness" So I started to look at my Stormclaw and said to myself "I'm going in" after a night of tinkering and bodging I had managed to build a unit of Nobz and liked them. Nothing too OTT just a nice unit for now.

I have took Aluns theory on board. If it's cool to me I'm having it. so next on the workbench for painting Nobz. Here's a sneak peak of my Nob with WAAAAGGGHHHHH banner.

I think that my ogres and orks may work hand in hand with banners, choppers and other sharp things. stay tuned for other sneak peaks and of course war paint.

Until next time.


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  1. Great job entering the contest Craig! Always enter painting contests. You can only win by doing so (because you put your best foot forward, and it encourages you to constantly improve!).

    I love the job you did on your kan. If I were to make any quick comments (from just the single photo), it would be to add a bit more variance into the piece. The cork base is well done, but a bit flat in tone and color.

    You can use similar methods to griming up the ork on your base. Try throwing some washes around the kans feet. It will darken the area, and create a natural shadow, which will pop the kan off the base even more!

    Glad you caught the bug! (especially since it's orks!)