Sunday, 15 March 2015

Harlequins: Death Jester

I've recently wrapped up the painting on the Death Jester, and with it the second part of the Heroes Path formation.

He's quite a fun little miniature to paint, but not without it's issues. Annoyingly, the gun is not separate to his arms, so you can't leave it off for painting. The part with the gun actually forms his right arm and the lapel of the jacket, and this needs to go in before you fit the part that forms the tasselled part of the jacket and the left arm. I don't think it has affected the finish too much, but it is going to be taken into consideration when I paint the third Death Jester for the troupe.

Having the face bone and black was a happy accident, I was going to have the face white, but after finishing the skull, the black side gave it a very sinister look that I was keen on maintaining. So the teeth were painted white and there was some red added to the raised sections, it looks OK now, but I may revisit it to try and define that side a bit more.

The Death Jester goes right next to the Solitaire, and the one thing I wanted to do was have them with distinct styles but still tie into each other somehow. In this case, both miniatures share the colour purple, albeit darker on the Death Jester to convey his more sombre presence.

The remaining miniature for this formation, and indeed my painting competition entry and first Tale check in is the Shadowseer. This has already had some paint thrown on it and I am looking forward to getting it finished and then trying out this difficult looking formation in a game.

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