Friday, 13 March 2015


Hey Guys, Girls and Xenos

Craig here with another blog post.

As most of you will be aware our local store is rapidly approaching the first hand in for Tale of Many Gamers.  This year I have vouched to stick this to the end and at all costs.

The time scales for this year seem to be more manageable so I can really focus on the finer details and getting things right. Rather than rushing things and messing up. One unit from scratch ready for the fist Saturday of  every month right up until December.

If you read some of my other posts you will see that my spark has been reignited with 40K (which I thought would never happen) and all it took was some meat heads known as Orks. So this TOMG I will be entering the Bad Moons Orks and making them look angry and bad.

I started off with a squad of Nobz one of my favourite units at the moment in the Ork book. They have the diversity of being a smash and grab unit with klaws and choppas or can shoot you with many different things. (Rokkits, Burnas or more bullets). On the plus side if they need more speed you can give them a trukk or to make them uber tough a bike.

Obviously giving them a Waagghhh banner will help massively who doesn't need +1 WS.  Also giving one guy a kombi burna to kick out a few wounds before they actually get into combat is always a plus.

I can honestly say putting this unit together was a joy. Every last part of the 5 guys was awesome. The only conversion on them is the banner. I thought these guys deserved a nice big banner. I was scratching my head thinking what have I got that is big enough for these guys. Then it clicked OGRES. So I rummaged through my bits and bobs to find a brilliant huge tattered banner. I think it looks brilliant probably the stand out feature of this unit,

I have started on the unit focusing for the moment on the skin tones. I can't make up my mind f the need to be vibrant and stand our or whether they need to be toned down. I do like the look of the skin so far, but something is missing and I can't put my finger on it.

Next week I will have more pictures of these lovely gitz and will have hopefully figured out my bloomin skin scheme.

Until next time.


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  1. Orks! Woo!

    You can always go darker later with glazes washes. I'd go bright, then dial it back!