Monday, 16 March 2015


Formations are fast becoming a big deal with the hobby, especially with the advent of the Necron Decurion Formation, which is made of smaller formations.  It's a confusing and rule packed system Me, Alun and Craig have had a good few discussions about, including but not limited to;

How do they work?
Do they cover FoC slot?
Do they count as allies?
Can I take more than one?

Those questions we've pretty much answered now and Alun is making strides with this new system with the aforementioned Decurion and some of the new Harlequin ones.  Seeing how he's using them and how they fit into a force has got me interested so I've decided to jump on board the Formation express!

So far i'm only in the planning stages for most of my Formations.  As its something I've so far ignored i'm starting from scratch.

The only exception to this is that I have the Unrelenting Hunt Dark Angel Formation.  I'd not include that as one I've planned as it contains the units from the Dark Vengeance box and its expansion kit, which I already had when the Formation was released.

At the minute i'm looking at 3 Formations in particular that cover a lot of bases.

First up is the Assassinorum Execution Force.

This is a very simple one really.  Want to take all 4 Imperial Assassins?  Good news! This formation allows you to do just that whereas you'd normally be restricted to just the one.  It's god awful expensive points wise (600!), but a whole lot of fun as your opponent is going to be hard pressed to deal with them all.

I've got a theme for this Formation and its not based on 40k.  Anyone that knows me knows I quite like Deadpool.  I found the old OOP Vindicare Assassin model in my bits box and painted it up to look like him and shortly after spotted this panel during a re-read of Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

What I see there is, left to right, Evesor, Vindicare, Callidus and Culexus.  That's the Formation right there!  Not sure if/how to include Pandapool yet but i'll think on that.

I'm already well under way with this, i'm now 50% in but for undisclosed reasons i'm not able to post pictures of the second one yet (wait til Sunday!).

I did want to do them a Valkyrie with the Deadpool logo on but seeing as they can't join units, even each other, that kind of ruins that idea, though I may still do it anyway.

Here's a few pictures of Deadpool himself just to give a feel for how the Formation will look in 40k terms.

Next up is the Dark Angel Librarius Conclave.  This one is a bit of a no brainer for me.  I like using Librarians but they do seem to be a bit underwhelming.  This Formation combines Ezekiel an 2-4 other Librarians in such a way that you can almost choose a power for Ezekiel to use, and double its effective range to boot.  It's as points cheap as you want it to be and adds a nice dimension of synergy to your usually bland Astartes Psykers.

Lastly we've got the Militarum Tempestus Airborne Assault Formation.  The rules for the models within this Formation are awesome enough but the Formation rules make them pure hobby porn.  I'll be doing these guys with a theme too, i'm going for a Helghan theme as it's practically the first thing i thought of when i saw them.  (Alun spotted that too)

It's not a cheap Formation by any means and won't be done anytime soon but it's on the cards for being started in a few months time.

Ultimately I wanted to choose 2 or 3 Formations I could drop in to a list to shake things up a bit and get out of my normal play style.  I think with the three i'm looking at above I've achieved that.  None of them are below the 250pts mark though, so its a significant points investment to take one, but who cares, we're all just here to have fun!


  1. I'll be giving my Red Hunters a Reclusiam Command Squad formation when I get round to them. They work with the Inquisition to fight Chaos Marines and Daemons fairly often so having some Chaplains knocking about is probably a good idea.

  2. Sounds good to me dude. I think I'm just getting a bit fed up of, as Alun says, recolouring my new marines and pretending they're different.

    Should be good fun to step away from them for a while