Monday, 14 July 2014

Project Battleforce

I'm taking a break from the Wood Elves. I don't think it was too much to take on, but I lost that initial energy to paint and need to attack something else whilst I recharge. Plus I'm a bit low on cash. So behind me was two Eldar Battleforces that I purchased back in August and haven't touched, so I have decided to paint one to completion.

First up are the Dire Avengers, just 5 models, built, primed, given a blue basecoat and ready to go. I've already painted the test model to get the scheme down. I felt this time to go with a more standard blue, as opposed to the black of my other squad. The idea here is to paint a complete squad (10 plus Exarch) in a unique scheme to denote different shrines. This time I have painted bone helms with black face plates to tie them into the Ulthwé craftworld.

I'm going to try and balance the larger kits with the infantry to try and make it more manageable. First up are the Avengers, then the Wave Serpent, next up will be 5 Guardians, then I'll paint the War Walker before finishing on the final 5 Guardians.

I'm going to try and add in the War Walker from my third box at the same time. That one has already been built as I used that box for conversion materials, and I am also going to add one of my unpainted Farseers, this way, I end up with something of a legal force (although with Unbound now does it matter?) that I can throw on the table and bulk up with some other units.

So, the next update should have the Dire Avengers finished, and also, hopefully, the start of yet another 40k project that I promised I would do last year....

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