Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Project Battleforce: Serpent Terror

The Wave Serpent is finished! My Dire Avengers have a party bus at last. This marks the halfway point of the battleforce project with only the Guardians and War Walker to go. But lets take a look at this tank first.

I decided early on to go with the lengthy panel stripes on the hull. I've never really settled on a scheme to represent Ulthwé, but I really like how this has turned out.

The painting of this model was punctuated by a visit to the 40k Open Day at Warhammer World and the customary visit to the miniature showcase. Having a look through the cases highlighted the fact that I need to work at getting my edging lines much thinner than they are now.

It was refreshing to spot that change, as I haven't been happy with how I highlight the black, but looking at the professional job, it's nice to see that I was on the right track and I just have to get a bit more technical and precise with my brushwork.

I've started building the Guardians almost as soon as I was happy with the finish on the Serpent. I'm really itching to get to working on some infantry again and also work at the thin edge highlights. I have already set out the colour scheme for this squad of Guardians a while back, they will have completely bone coloured helms.

So halfway through and still maintaining momentum, it must be a new record, but I would like to see all these models lined up at the end of it and consider this project complete. I have a game pencilled in in mid-August and I am hoping I will have a lot of my unpainted units coloured so I can take them all with me. Guess this means I had better get a move on then!

Keep an eye out soon for a Guardian update!

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  1. Nice job fella, loving the Eldar especially the Wave Serpent, stricking colour scheme, brushworks fine man, all learning dude good stuff.