Saturday, 19 July 2014

Project Battleforce: Making Waves

Quick update post: I have made a start on the Wave Serpent, the next model in the battleforce that I have chosen to paint. In light of the new design aesthetic in 7th Edition 40k, I have decided to add more of the bone colour to the Wave Serpent compared to my previous attempts.

 I'm quite fond of how it has turned out so far, I do like painting the panels as opposed to putting a design across the entire model.

I've separated this into four sub-assemblies, the upper hull here, the lower hull, the turret and the cockpit. I have always considered the upper hull as the most time consuming part of this model, and the most important, as it is what is going to be seen on the tabletop which is why I have tackled this part first.

It's definately not been a day for going outdoors though, as although it started war, this was the sight mid-afternoon. I took the first photo during that time and that is why it looks so dark.

That isn't mist or fog in the picture either, that's just rain. It was mental, or as we locals like to call it, the 'British Summer'.

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