Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Second Tale: The Autarch

So, Tale of Many Gamers kicked off today, and so I finished my first model. The HQ for the first check in which should be followed by a troops choice later on.

 I've started with my bargain basement Autarch, so called because he takes the cheapest options just to get him onto the board. This one will sit behind a defence line manning an AA gun, and also adjusting the reserve rolls for my aircraft.

There is some slight conversion work going on, a Dire Avenger Exarch head and shuriken catapult have been modeled on to represent the wargear I will be fielding him with.
This also marks the first time I've used 'Ardcoat on the gems to try and give them a little sparkle. It does seem to work when you view the model, but 'Ardcoat doesn't seem to be anything more than watered down PVA glue.

I've also thrown a little freehand work onto the banner for the Autarch rune and the stripes, the Ulthwé rune is a transfer though. I've got quite a few now so I thought that I might aswell use them.

As a final picture, I thought i'd photograph him with the Autarch that I painted as my first miniature when I came back to the hobby a little over 12 months ago. I think it's nice to have miniatures like this to hand and not gotten rid of as it shows how much progress you can make.

I hope that after saying that, that there is a difference in quality between the two. I certainly feel there is and it's things like this that make me think that my next model will always be better.

So now that the HQ is finished, I have a troops choice to paint. I have already started on these, and they will be 6 Jetbikes. Hopefully I shall have them done by next week to make a start on the second troops choice that will at least be part of the next check in to make a legal army. I'm going to need to be ahead as much as possible for the first few weeks, as I will be holidaying in Japan for a Fortnight between the second and third check-ins.


  1. You did indeed progress in skill between the two Autarchs!

    1. Cheers, I'm glad that someone does notice it too :P I find that when I finish a model that I am too busy looking at what I can improve to notice what has improved. It's a weakness of mine and I feel sometimes it comes across as fishing for compliments.

  2. Holy Crap dude!

    I'm seriously going to have to raise my game now!