Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Golden Griffon: November

This Saturday is the single miniature painting competition that is run at the local GW. I had planned on entering the previous one with an ambitious Tau Commander conversion, but sadly after getting the building done I failed to get anything other than a black spray coat on. So this month I am entering this chap under the theme of "HQ/Lord"

I brought this guy when I started trying to learn Warhammer Fantasy, which was about the time 5th Edition 40K was released. Dark Elves have always been the most attractive army to me, and that is due in no small part to the humble Cold One.

Riding Raptors into battle is amazing, so obviously my Dreadlord had to be riding one. I also have a Sorceress riding one too, but she is in a state of very much unpainted.
With the new Dark Elf releases, I feel that this is what I had been waiting for to really get into this side of the hobby, and once the 40K push is over in the new year I am thinking of starting my Dark Elves from scratch in order to use all of the fantastic new models.

This guy will survive the cull, as I am quite proud of how he turned out. He is probably the only miniature I have painted that has had something like a minimum of five layers for each colour, complete with colour mixing. It's not something that I plan on doing for every model, mainly for the figurehead models.

Also, an interesting fact to leave you on. The Cold One is painted blue.

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