Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tales of Other Gamers

As has become the main focus of this blog, so has it come to be on the other blogs of our local gaming community. Tale of Many Gamers has taken hold, so I shall drop this here to showcase some of my friends work:

The Master of Sanctity: Needs no introduction really. He is taking his existing Dark Angels from last year and expanding upon them to make an even bigger force. Needless to say, his painting is good, annoyingly good, and will always be a highlight of each check in.

Danny's Gaming Blog: I finally found Dan's blog after he started commenting on mine, and he too is painting black Space Marines. In previous years he has collected Necrons and Imperial Guard, his Guard from last year featured a Star Wars theme including a Darth Vader Commissar, Sly Marbo Fett and an AT-AT walker. He has started brightly with a stunning Chapter Master to lead his Iron Hands and it will be interesting to see how he will design his army to stand out from the multitude of Power Armoured armies this year.

The Hobby Grind: Next up is this Imperial Guard army from The Hobby Grind. The army is going to be based on the Nuclear wasteland style of the Mad Max films and Borderlands, and as such it will require heavy conversion work. If he can keep it going for the duration, it will surely be one of the best armies to see on the table top.

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