Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tale of Many Gamers: First Round

With the finishing touches applied, I have completed my first check in for the Tale competition. Joining the Autarch will be a squad of 6 Jetbikes upgraded with two Shuriken Cannons.

These ancient Jetbikes are a lot smaller than I thought, and I was pretty much forced to do a small bit of converting to try and bring the Guardians up to a more modern look to tie in with the rest of the army. It seemed at first to be quite a simple torso switch, but trust me, it takes a bit of work to get them to marry up.

The whole mantra for my path through this competition is to build options. Rather than build an army through the upcoming months, I am looking at building small effective squads that I can just pick and choose to make a variety of army lists. It may cause me some issues with the gaming side of the tournament, but I am looking bigger picture here. Heck, I may stumble into something along the way that will prove the effectiveness of certain units or combinations along the way.

So, just finishing up these units has certainly made the look of the painting queue much different, it looks like I can get through it! Moving on, I am starting to paint up some Dire Avengers whilst also working at a Wave Serpent. I prefer Guardians usually, so I'm going to run some Dire Avengers for a bit and see what I can do with them. I'm looking at painting ahead a bit to try and cover the catching up I have to do prior to my holiday in 3 weeks, so I am looking to not start anything new, but finish off some of my half painted units. I have five of ten Guardians painted, and could add a platform in there, I could also finish off my Rangers, Warlocks, Spiritseer and possibly Illic or a Farseer.

First official check in is this coming Saturday, where I will also be entering the painting competition with the theme of HQ/Lord. I have the miniature painted already, so will try and feature it sometime this week.

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