Friday, 30 May 2014

The Barn Find Project

Yesterday, I traded a small fortune in Lord of the Rings miniatures for a Stormraven wreck. As for value, it was probably the worst trade in existence, but the fact is, I was never going to use those miniatures and they would probably have been thrown away at some point.

So begins the Barn Find project. This model is missing the upper turret sections, but I am hoping that I can sort something out for that, in the meantime it's going to be a case of trying to strip it down to plastic again, because if that doesn't work out, then the whole project is off.

In other news, I've played some of 7th Edition and I'll put up some thoughts later, and it is also near the time to start adding to the Wood Elves again. No holiday this time and a lot of work away from home, so it is going to be challenging.


  1. If you can't find a turret via the third party market ( is my trusted supplier), you can do the Chapterhouse turret. I have one on my primary Stormraven and works well enough, especially if you don't want to show a servitor or anything.

  2. You can have the turret from mine if you want or try and use some rhino roof hatches/land raider inner doors to cover the hole.

  3. I assume you want to build it up into a stormraven, and not use it as terrain pieces.

    Chapter house also makes an extender. You can also get some great turrets (alts) from various ebay suppliers. Really you just need something to swivel two lascannons which actually can't hit anything in the massive deadzone of that thing.