Monday, 12 May 2014

Blood Angel Captain

I didn't really have a lot on on Saturday, so I sat down and took a break from the Wood Elves to paint up the first of the Web Exclusive Space Marine Captains. Because I have something of a Blood Angels army, he was painted in the colours of the chapter, and gave me a chance to use brighter colours than normal.

The whole model was painted in a very simple manner. Base colour, wash, reapply base colour, edge highlight. The cloak was shaded by using Eshin Grey over Abaddon Black, and then applying a Black Glaze over the top to try and mute the stark contrast between the two colours. I think that it has come out looking really sharp and will probably use what I have learnt here on future models.

The colour scheme is based loosely on the Captain that features on the front of the Blood Angels Codex, hence the liberal use of gold on this miniature.

So my force now contains a painted up HQ unit. There is not a lot here, just models I have accumulated over the years that I go back to now and again. The Raven Guard unit are going in as "allies" in so much that I will use them as standard Blood Angels if I choose to play them at any point. Also, if the rumours of the new starter set are true, I may be looking at even more reinforcements.

Also, because I got this first Web Edition model, I bought the second model too. He is currently sealed away as I am not too sure what to do with him yet. Another leader for the Blood Angels, or a HQ for the Raven Guard, haven't quite decided yet.

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