Sunday, 4 May 2014

It's been a while hasn't it?

I'm fully aware that I have neglected this blog for near 2 months now. It only seems yesterday that I was looking at it thinking 'Wow, I've not put anything up for a month!'. Sadly, that was all down to a mix of a high amount of work, and hitting a point of low motivation to painting where I really couldn't focus on one project for any amount of time. However, I have finished a few of my older projects and am going to show them today.

Night Spinner

I knew that I needed to finish this model, so when I had the opportunity to choose the subject for the painting competition, I used this to my advantage.

It also helped that the Imperial Guard had recently been released, so I chose TANKS! as the theme, and I now had a deadline to finish this miniature.

I used this model as an opportunity to try and paint a vehicle in sections, along with using transfers and adding freehand to large panels.

The problem I had with decals was the glossy finish that they usually give, but, after reading up, I found that putting and 'Ardcoat layer down first, then applying the transfer before finally finishing the model with a coat of Purity Seal blended the decal nicely and got rid of that sheen that is synonymous with it.

I don't really see this tank in games, so it's going to be interesting when I play next to see how it performs. I can see some strengths in it, and it's going to be hard not to choose the auto-include Fire Prism in the stacked Eldar Heavy Support section. But sometimes you have to pick a unit just for the sake of it rather than it being the internet's choice for best pick.

Death Company Dreadnought

I have a small Blood Angels army, they are always present as they were my first army back in Second Edition, and the Death Company was the first set of miniatures I bought to expand on them.

Some time last year I decided to have a game with the Blood Angels and proxyed this fellow and instantly fell in love with the destruction that he brought to the battlefield.

What was really surprising is that I sheleved the half finished model and didn't pick it up until a few weeks ago to finish it. I guess that is what happens when your main army gets an update and lots of new things to paint along with it.

I think I'm going to pick the Blood Angels up again soon and add a few reinforcements to them for a bit, up until I reach 1500 or 2k worth. If they get a new Codex soon, that might also help.

Canoptek Wraiths

I was unsure of these models when I first saw them as I was a big fan of the old wraiths. However, after building them and adding them to my Necron army, my views have changed.

The idea here was to revisit the Necrons from my initial Tale of Many Gamers and start adding the units that I never got round to painting. For example, the Monolith and the Tesseract Vault.

One thing that I don't usually pay attention to is how the model feels to hold, but these Wraiths feel fantastic in the hands. It's a weird thing to mention, but until you notice it, it will seem that way.

They were quick and simple to paint thanks to the paint scheme that I chose, and I think I needed that to actually get back into the habit of painting models and finishing them.

I threw them almost immediately into a game and was very impressed as they held of Vulkan He'Stan and his retinue of veterans for 2 turns, before a Dreadnought had to join the party to finish them off.

Finally, here is a model for my next project, I'm not going to discuss it in this post, but will update the blog again shortly....


  1. I feel the wraiths are one of the best looking models GW makes at the moment. I don't know what it is about them, but they just look, feel, and play so cool.

    Dread and freehand on the serpent are well done!

    1. The Wraiths also offer fantastic value for money, expecially when you consider that they cost pretty much the same as a Marine Dread.