Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wraithknight Showcase

This is the Wraithknight I have built for the next Tale of Many Gamers checkin. There was a set criteria for this fortnight, a 'Centerpiece model/Conversion', and what could be more centerpiece for the Eldar than a Wraithknight.

I had wanted my next Wraithknight to be a glaive wielding one, but I wasn't too keen on the look of it standard, I wanted a more dynamic look, so went with a double reverse grip.

The model is now massive, it is 10 inches in length, which is longer than it is tall, and needed some extra scenery on the base because the stance was so long. It was an interesting modelling challenge which will bring with it further problems as the right glaive snapped off under slight outside pressure and I am having a right game getting it back on as all adhesive methods have failed me.
I am looking forward to putting him on the tabletop, obviously he isn't going to be dual wielding Ghostglaives, it's not in the rules to give him two, and for the beardy people? Well lets just say I like to shave.

There is a game coming up on Saturday which will be Giant Robots vs Tyranids in an 'inspired by Pacific Rim' game. It could be fun, but they Tyranid Monstrous Creatures are not the things I would normally be charging in a normal game, but lets see what happens.

The final check in for this years event will be an Apocalypse formation, and in keeping with Ulthwé, I have chosen the Farseer Council. Only, I will be doing it a little different by adding in a Wraithseer into the mix. Again, not technically as per the rules, but it does abide by the rule of cool.

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  1. Jesus wept dude, thats awesome, think you may take this one!