Friday, 24 January 2014

Cancelling the Apocalypse

Tomorrow, I am taking part in a big game of Bots Vs Bugs that is loosely based on last summers blockbuster 'Pacific Rim'. So here is a quick update to show you what Monstrous Creatures and Walkers I will be taking.

Two Wraithknights, Two Riptides, Two Wraithlords, a Death Company Dread, a Space Marine Dread and the Avatar of Khaine.


  1. What are the stats for the monster in upper right corner?

  2. Ripper (Monster) 200points - Heavy Support
    WS BS S T W I A Sv
    8 8 6 6 4 8 10 3+

    Weapons: Rending Claws

    Special Rules:
    Caffeine Rush: Unit must always charge closest unit.
    Sugar Rush: Too much sugar is bad for your health (Entropic Strike).
    Epic comedown: Every Game turn after the first turn of combat, lose D3 Initiative.