Wednesday, 15 January 2014

For the Swarm!

I think, like most people, I have a soft spot for the Tyranids. Maybe it's because they are so far removed from the standard look of the other races, maybe it's because Lictors sound so awesome (in the fluff), or maybe it's just because you can field a ton of models. Whatever the reason, there is a lot of negativity for the new book, and although I fell into that path of despair, I am trying to look at the book from the Path of Enlightenment.

Instinctive Behaviour has become such a strong negative force on your army that you simply can't afford to have your creatures out of synapse any more. Because of this, I started to look at the army with a different Force Organisation. Synapse Creatures and Instinctive Creatures. There is a lot of bad noise about being 'forced' to take Synapse Creatures, but I don't see what the problem with being forced to take some of these units.

So as a Tyranid player, I would look first at two things:

  1. Ensure that I have enough Synapse Coverage, including resiliency
  2. Ensure that I can protect the Synapse Creature during the game
Once I can feel that I have completed those objectives, then I will start looking at adding the punch to the army.

So last night I threw together a 1500 point list. I have no idea if it will work or not, but there is room to work out the kinks:

Hive Tyrant + Heavy Venom Cannon + Regeneration (215)
Seem like the pick of the bunch, will probably take the Primaris to give a bigger Synapse, Heavy Venom Cannon for some fire power, Regen to try and give him that survivability from the lucky shots.

Tyrant Guard + Toxin Sacs (106)
These will protect the Hive Tyrant, they are as tough as Wraithguard, and they can be hard to shift. Toxin sacs are there so that if the Tyrant is assaulted, they can try and dispatch the attackers as soon as Possible

Deathleaper (130)
I love Lictors, so I have to try and shoehorn one in there. His ability to pick a model and reduce it's leadership will be helpful against psykers to try and neuter those powerful ones, if not, hit the priority target or something that will need it's leadership. Only being able to be hit with Snap Shots should help too.

Zoanthrope Brood (3@150)
Another Synapse creature, warp blast at Assault 3 should do some damage to things, and Shadow in the Warp should also help neutralise the psykers on the field. I'd try and roll for a useful second power, and if I didn't get it, just fall back on Dominion.

Carnifex Brood (2@250)
I'd take these with Spine Banks. Hopefully they will be able to get into combat around turn 2-3 and start taking out some squads or vehicles with ease. failing that, they will be drawing fire from some of the other models, like the precious Synapse Creatures that can do damage themselves.

Exocrine (170)
Why not? it looks cool. Plus some long range artillery is always useful in the game. Will probably end up being my Fire Prism equivalent....hopefully.

Tyranid Warrior Brood (6@215)
Synapse troops. I feel three Synapse Creatures is optimal, and will have survivability in numbers rather than toughness. Equipped with a Barbed Strangler and Deathspitters. I'm also undecided as to whether I should split these into two squads of 3 and take another Barbed Strangler for a Deathspitter for an extra 5 points. Might be a playtest decision.

Termagant Brood (30@120)
Termagant Brood (30@120)
I round out the list with 60 Termagants. Tyranids are the swarm army, so I need to bulk out the numbers. I feel Termagants are the way to go over Hormagaunts as I am not convinced by the attacking output of the Horms. Plus, with guns I can be effective on all turns.

Total:  1473

So there is a bit of wriggle room with the points. I like how the army looks on paper, it seems like it could be effective, and it contains some of the units that I am fond of so it has a bit of my personality in it too. So what do you think, is this new Codex weak sauce, or can a list like this work? Are people saying the Codex is weak because they have had an easy life with Eldar and Tau (I still lose more than I win with Eldar though ._.) and the army isn't obvious?

Personally, I don't much care, I'm not a tournament gamer, so I may end up working on a list like this, and at the end of the day, that's what counts isn't it?


  1. I don't get the hate against Nids. The book has been out 5 days and people are already saying it's useless. Give the damn book a chance! Experiment with it.

    1. It's because there is no obvious strong unit like the Tau or Eldar (but even I haven't figured that one out). Like I said, it's not obvious, it needs thought and skill to win.

      ...I assume.