Friday, 10 January 2014

Tale of Many Gamers: Howl of the Banshees

It's been a while since I showcased some of my work, but the next check in for Tale is tomorrow, and I have just finished off the unit that I will be adding to my army. A massive no-prize if you can guess what they are.

I have added some Howling Banshees into my army, and I am well aware that in this edition of the game they are next to useless. But I wanted to add some anyway as I was inspired to paint the Banshees in this particular style after getting back on the Gundam train.

The problem I had with these is Finecast. They have very little contact with the base and I have already had one ankle snap during handling them for painting, so heaven knows how I am going to get them down to the store tomorrow in one piece. Not to mention the bubbles and mismoulding that plagues the 'premium' Finecast medium.

Also to be handed in with this check in are three objective markers. I decided to go a little less po-faced on these and just have fun. As GW seems to think that all battles are fought on Imperial worlds, I can't see what the Eldar would want with an inferior races equipment. I was going to use the head of a fallen Revenant Titan, but that would suggest that an Eldar titan can be dropped. Instead, I have decided that Eldrad has identified on the skein 3 points that, if held by the Eldar, would guarantee a favorable outcome. As such, these will be represented on the field by the "Cutie Markers".

I will hope to get some proper photos of the missing hand ins, and also, as I am handing in Legolas for the painting competition, what the subject of the next competition will be.


  1. I still love the models for the Howling Banshees. It pains me that they just aren't good in the new codex.
    I hope to try them in Zone Mortalis or Kill Team, maybe they will shine there because they certainly don't belong in a serious normal list.

    1. The scuplts are good, but both these and the Swooping Hawks needs new moulds. The way they are posed on the base is not strong enough with Finecast, but was fine with metal. It's a serious flaw for an expensive product.

      I think these were the biggest disappointment of the new Codex, I didn't necessarily want the 5th Edition style back, but I at least wanted them to be a viable choice.