Sunday, 15 June 2014

Arms Race: The second month

I am continuing to add to my fledgling Wood Elf army, as I set out last month, I get to add up to £50 worth of reinforcements in an attempt to get a 2000 point army on the table somewhere by the end of the summer.

I've written out my army list, so that I can plan my purchases smartly. The base of it is a lot of core, enough to sustain over 5000 points worth of army, which will give me enough headroom after this is done to continue to add 'fun' units over time with the core tax already done and painted.

 I have nearly completed the requisite wood, and have started to paint up some Eternal Guard. The plan is to run a unit of 40 of these guys and gals in the final list, a nice scary block of infantry. The initial batch is going a bit slow at the moment, because as I am trying to run an original scheme, I have to work out the colours as I go, and at the moment I am putting base colours onto three of the Eternals to try and get the look just right.

The treeman (nicknamed 'Groot' at the moment) was one of the models that drew me to the updated Wood Elves, so I had to add one to my list for definite.

At the moment, the main bulk of the colouring is done, I just need to highlight the lighter bark and touch up any mistakes before starting to work on all of the finer details. I feel I need to really make an effort on this model as it will be a focal point of the completed army.

I have also picked up the remaining individual characters that I want to use this month too. Araolth is there, but he is not part of the list, he will be completed in due course, but there will be a Waystalker and Spellsinger.

The Waystalker is going to be heavily influenced by the tv series 'Arrow' which I have watched a heck of a lot of over the past few weeks. I feel using a more green palette as opposed to the blue/grey of the main army will highlight the more fluffy side of the unit being an outsider away from the main force and more in touch with nature.

There will probably be more of a focus on single models this month as I have been struggling with the paint drying out in the heat of the June summer along with spending a lot of time staying away from home due to work. But I set myself a target and I fully intend to see it through to it's initial conclusion.

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