Thursday, 14 January 2016

One Last Huzzah

Craig here.

I know its been a long time since we have posted. It's safe to say that grown up life has caught up with us all, but hopefully all should be better in 2016.

However me and Alun managed to sneak to a Games Workshop event The Battle of Dimmamar Campaign day. 750pts Imperial against Chaos 4 games using the Maelstrom of war objectives . I took necrons which  was pleasantly surprising what I could get in for 750pts.

I took  Lord (staff of light)
          15 Necron Warriors 
          15 Necron Warriors
          3 Scarab swarms
          5 Deathmarks

I must admit it worked quite well. I had things to take out most things apart from nasty Death Company. Whilst I was thinking about my list I was thinking of different directions to take it. How to deal with close combat and high toughness gribblies. Then Alun gave me a brilliant piece of advice. He told me to focus my army on one aspect. (Shooting, Close Combat or maneuverability). So I focused on shooting (maybe minus the scarabs) and it worked brilliantly. 

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  1. Hi,

    I think it can be risky to focus on just one aspect, what it you face a list that just out guns you. I'd advise trying to put in a few elements that mean if you are outgunned you have a chance to win,eg. some extra mobility. Necrons are a short ranged shooting force so it can be easy to be out ranged and out maneuvered.

    Also you have a formatting issue. After the 1st 2 lines the blog post turns into white text on a white background,ie. it turns into lines of white rectangles. Its normally caused from copy and pasting text into the editor from work.