Saturday, 16 January 2016

A large slice of humble pie

Hi guys Craig here.

Happy new year and all that jazz. Hope it was a good one.

Today I have been eating a huge portion of humble pie. Today I tried Age of Sigmar (AOS) for the first time. After 6 months of point blank refusal I gave it a go. With all the new models coming out and the new books and the core rules being free I kept on looking and thinking  WHAT IF????

What if it is actually a good game?
What if I actually like it and have been putting it off for 6 months?
Or something that has never come up. What if i'm good at it.

Well I can honestly say I was excited for the game all week. Was excited to see how it would out pan out and if it would give me any memento to carry on playing AOS.  And....... It has. I can not wait to play my next game of AOS.

The base rules are only 4 pages long and its really easy to get into them. The main and interesting part of the game is using the base rules alongside the battle-scrolls for each individual unit. Before I played the game it looked like a game for kids to get them into GW as a kinda stop gap before 40k how wrong was I. In the 1 game I have had I could see how my army depended on situation attacking and spell casting from my wizard to either buff a unit of cut down the amount of attacks a unit took.

Playing AOS has completely energized my fantasy playing armies. Seeing that I can use my  previous fantasy armies and if anything there actually a little better than before. Just taking my armies of the shelf or out of my case and knowing that I don't have to rebase them and knowing that they have a new lease of life actually makes me genuinely happy.

I can see a lot of potential in the new system from GW and look forward to seeing what they can bring to the table and how they will relate the old world with the new.

Below is my first AOS kill. He got killed in the 2nd turn and if I am honest I jigged like I was in river dance.

However after this kill it went down hill for me pretty quick. I lost two blocks of Skaven clan rats. One unit to a unit of Questing Knights and one to a unit of Pegasus Knights.

but at this point i was not down trodden and didn't feel like the game was over. I still had my Warlord, Warlock Engineer, Doomwheel and my proxy Hellpit.

My Doomwheel in the last turn took out 2 remaining Pegasus Knights and my Hellpit (Thundertusk/Stonehorn Proxy) took out another two Pegasus Knights which shocked my opponent  deeply as we laughed for about 10 minutes after in pure shock. 

Overall I lost narrowly but i thoroughly enjoyed the game and can safety say i will be eating humble pie for some time. At this point I will be trying new armies and new units to get to grips with the rules and the game.

All I can say is if your unsure on the game go out and give it a go. Worse case you spend 2 hours of your life trying something and at the end of it at least you know its not for you. However for me I just wish I got on board all them months ago,

Thanks for reading guys and will catch you on the other side.

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