Friday, 27 February 2015

Etiquette my dear Watson

Hey Guys  Craig here.

Just a quick post following on from Matt's section regarding etiquette.

We all know that learning the glorious games of 40k and WFB can be a long process but playing a game can be just as long, especially when your opponents wander off or are on the phone. Here is my top 5 rundown of things not to do whilst in the heat of battle.

  1. Clarify
If your opponent isn't sure on a unit of yours, never ignore them and say "wait and see" this just makes you seem like "that guy" who has to win at any cost. If you have dice club dice that have emblems on them for different numbers at the start of the game clarify it. some dice have emblems on the 6 or 1 make sure everyone knows what is what. This just makes for a calmer atmosphere specially in tournaments when it can be tense at the best of times. 

    2. Models

We all take pride in the way that our models look, from mold lines to basing. How gutted would you be if someone picked up your Thunderhawk gunship and broke off a heavy bolter. I would be gutted and angry as hell. This is why I live by one word ASK! Ask if it is OK to pick up a model to have a good butchers at it. If you ask it shows an interest in the model and the army. You may even become engaged in a conversation and take some tips away. If you don't ask make sure you use your peepers not your digits.

   3. Disappearing

There is nothing worse that going to roll some dice and you look up and poof they're gone. You then spend 5-10 mins trying to find your opponent still with no avail. At the very most let your opponent know if your popping away from the table for what ever reason, and if your going the bar, mines a pint.

  4. Phones

As we know technology has become a massive part of our life's and phones are one of them. These devices should be left alone unless your showing a rule. I don't want to see a funny video or picture. I want to roll some dice and have a good conversation with my opponent(s). I feel that this is potentially just as bad as disappearing from the table.

 5. Rules

It goes without saying that 40k and WFB are hard games to learn and impossible to master. Learning all these rules takes time and some experience. I have more respect for people if they are honest and say I have no idea what this does. Or can you cast an eye over this and double check it then trying to cheat. It is one of the worse things in the world to play against someone who is knowingly cheating. Yet again you become "that guy" and no one wants that. 

There are probably a million more things that I have forgotten for the time being. See if you guys agree or not. Maybe even let us know what really grinds your gears.



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  1. Discuss with your opponent what terrain pieces grant which saves, which are dangerous, difficult, etc, BEFORE Deployment.

    Nothing like having an argument over ruins not being ruins in the middle of the game. Only takes a second to go over what pieces are what.