Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Different Strokes

Hey Guys, Craig here.

This is my first post of many to come here.

I, unlike Alun and Matt, don't really understand the concept of 40k and struggle to grasp why so many people are hooked. In some sense this is a good thing as it keeps my bank balance healthy. However on the other side I look at some of the models and the excitement it brings people in my local community and think I wish I could get on board.

With this in mind I was keen to see what the next painting competition topic will be. I didn't have to wait long as our very own Matt cleaned up with his spectacular flyrant.

These are the kind of models that really drive me to get involved in 40k, the thing that puts me off is the local community. Don't get me wrong they're not all bad, same as any other gaming community, but we have some main offenders that make it tough to enjoy a game of 40k.


I am what you would call an OK painter. Nothing of mine stands out and I never enter painting competitions at my local GW because I normally have to try and beat the standard set by Matt above or Alun's mind blowing Eldar or Crisp looking Blood Angels. Which can be daunting but I have decided that this will be my first entry into the comp and try and raise my own standards of painting.
So watch this space for pics and details on how I do.

Now down to the nitty gritty. I am an avid WFB player. I love everything about it. The diverseness of the world, the lore, the models and mostly the characters. There are some massive names in this universe. Unless some of you have been hiding under a rock will know the End times are upon us and have brought some massive rules and models with it

This has shaken the Warhammer Fantasy world to it's core. Who would of thought 12 months ago we would have:
  • Nagash & Mannfred von Carstein, Arkhan the Black and Neferata
  • Glottkin & Maggoth Lords 
  • Malekith (no new model but kick ass rules)
  • Karl Franz The Ascendant (no new model but awesome rules)
  • Thanquol and Boneripper
Apart from Glottkin and the Maggoth lords they are all big big names that have been around for a fair few editions. 

Sure people will think that the days of Hero Hammer are upon us and you need to have a big General to lead your army to victory, which may be the case, but make sure he can shake off a few cannon shots. This for me opens up the diverse world of WFB even more. You can run massive hordes to bog down Nagash. You can use a Dwarf gun line and take down Glottkin or you pit two colossal characters against each other and the victor claiming bragging rights. They each have there own specialty whether it be extra movement, better magic or a beast in combat. These new shiny Characters and models can only be good for an already great edition of fantasy.

I personally do not think that the end times is over. There is too much left unanswered. No Bretonians, No Orcs and Goblins and for me most importantly no Ogres. Saying this, we are currently missing one of the most important characters going in the Warhammer universe, Archaon. Surely this chosen son of Chaos has some part to play in either the saving or the destruction of the world.

I for one am hoping that he comes back with a BANG.



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