Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Codex Casualties

This is the first time since taking up the hobby that I have had the experience of traversing Codexes. I thought that I'd just take a minute just (sit right there) to just take stock on how my 1000 point list has changed because of the update in rules.

It's been a while, but I'll try and get down what I had used previously, and to good effect.

HQ: Farseer w/Doom and Guide along with a Warlock Council

Troops: Two squads of 10 Guardians, one with Scatter Laser, one with Star Cannon, both with Conceal using Warlocks.

5 Pathfinders

Heavy: Wraithlord with Starcannon and Sword

4 Dark Reapers complete with Exarch with fast and crack shot.

It was a pretty solid list. Psychic powers a plenty, and Doom and Guide were always very useful (not to mention guaranteed). The Reapers dealt with the MEQ's and armour from the back of the board, and the Pathfinders were quite useful at just being sat in the middle in cover all day.

These days though, the list has changed somewhat. It still hasn't changed from the previous post a while back so I won't write it out again, but instead, try and figure out why it has changed so much.

The change in Rangers to give them an Illic tax to make them Pathfinders pretty much sealed the deal for them. That single change has pushed them from 'solid troop choice' to 'army focus'. What I mean by that is Illic + Rangers is such a large chunk of points that you have to build the army to work with them, they become the focus of the list, rather than a tool to help the focus. I still like the models, they are some of my favorites in the range, and I do like the Illic model and rules. But do I want to sacrifice a HQ choice for buffed troops? Taking the Spiritseer as Wraithguard tax has so many more positives going for them that it makes sense.

The Wraithguard being in plastic actually made them affordable. I always wanted to run them, but found them a bit pricey for what they were. Their higher toughness and Wraithcannons, along with a Wave Serpent that can put out a hell of a lot of shots means that I am finding that these guys are doing my Reaper role which in turn pushed them out.

The Wraithlord is a funny one. I still want to take one or two in a list, but once you start adding a few options to it, it starts creeping up towards Wraithknight pricing, and that guy moves faster, is stronger, has more wounds and his physical presence is more of a psychological hit. I think overall, it's the movement speed that hurts the Wraithlord more than anything.

Being able to not take a weapons platform for the Guardians was a massive improvement in my eyes. It meant that it freed up some points, and to be honest it did kind of break the harmony of the unit. A long range weapon in a unit that might never be in range to use their hand weapons? Keeping the unit with a 12" bubble means that I am more focused with their usage as defenders as opposed to an attacking unit.

As I move towards a 1500 point list, the Farseer immediately returns. I love rerolls, as my dice skills are quite poor at times. In this list however, there is no room to put him in, the Spiritseer gives an extra dimension to the Wraithguard, and I think any army that takes units of these should always have a Spiritseer. The random psychic powers rule is a minor annoyance, but at least I can always get Guide at least.

It's funny how two lists can seem so different across codexes, but still do the same thing in the end. It's also strange to see that unit choices not only depend on the rules, but also the look and price of a model (Wraithguard were only avoided because of price). I have new options now though, so hopefully I can try and do something different with my lists in the coming months.

P.S. A little request, how has your army changed across codexes? Has your standard go-to list changed as dramatically as mine, or has it stayed the same? Also, what factors led you to these choices?

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  1. For me, it was tough to do but I had to drop my Deathwing. They are awesome, truly frigging awesome, and way better than the standard 'dex big-boys, but the 250(ish) price tag to add them is unholy, especially in a 1k list. There are just better things to spend those points on, like 2 units of Scouts, Drop-Pods for my tactical squads, and some extrra options elsewhere.

    I'll run up a post like this i think, give a perspective from a soon to be rare codex lol :P

    As an aside, i'll not be jumping ship to C:SM, or even allying with it to get new 'toys'. I'm Unforgiven to the end baby :P

    Unless its apocalypse, then i kinda have no choice lol