Monday, 8 February 2016

From the Shadows: Hunt the Fallen pt.3

A lot of progress has been made in the last week, a shocking volume of painting got completed and me and Alun got a game in too!

As you can see from the picture above, I got the 2 Landspeeders finished, what some may notice is that they are both Typhoons, which doesn't match my list.  That's due to lessons learned during our game, the result of which is a few changes to my Hunt list.

I'm not a quick painter, not by any means.  A tactical squad takes me about 3-4 weeks, maybe longer and vehicles are at least a month investment.  Given that I have a lot to do in a short space of time and my larger objectives for the year, I had to find a way to speed up my process.

To that end, I've changed the way I paint vehicles.  Infantry I'll still paint using the age old edge highlighting method, I love them to look crisp and clean, but for vehicles that takes a lot of time and doesn't always come out looking too great.

So, I've started trying out a chipping and weathering style on my Speeders and I'm pretty happy with the results,  I know there's a few bits that look iffy and there's definitely room for improvement, but the look was achieved really quickly and with very little effort.

After I finished the Speeders I set to work on the first of my Rhino's, and it took me only 2 days to complete, as opposed to the last one I did which took 3 weeks!  I'm really happy with how it turned out, again, room for improvement, but I learnt from the Speeders and gave me a pretty realistic battle damaged effect.

I did have a slight hiccup with the paint job as the first time I painted the arrow on top of the Rhino I did it the wrong way around!  Using the airbrush and copious volumes of masking tape I was able to fairly easily put that right though.

Once the Rhino was out of the way I tackled the most horrifying challenge, repainting the shoulder pad trim on 29 tactical marines.  My old scheme had red edging and red backpack nozzles, however, my new scheme has black nozzles and gold trim.  It took a lot longer to do than I'd planned, but luckily I had a day free of calls so was able to just powered through them in one day.  They're not finished in the picture as I forgot to take one once I'd finished, but they do have correct colours nozzles!

I was going to re-base them, however, I painted them all 3 years ago and my skills have improved somewhat since then and I really don't like how they look.  Re-basing seems like a waste of effort as over the next 12-24 months I'll replace them anyway.  I'll not get rid of these though, they can sit in the case ready for an Apocalypse game someday.

The new list is not 100% finalised as of yet as I'm flip-flopping on how to handle my Ravenwing elements, but once it's done I'll post it up!


  1. Those decals are really cool, where were they from?

  2. The dacals are all from the Dark Angel transfer sheet from GW.