Saturday, 8 February 2014

Prelude to War

Farseer Kaerys sat entranced in the Dome of Crystal Seers, her consciousness dancing along the skein. The runes had lead her to the forgotten world of Vigos. Once an Eldar world, it was lost many thousands of years ago in a bloody battle that claimed many souls. Why was Kaerys drawn here now? What is it that deserved the attention of the Farseer? She steeled herself and danced further along the threads of fate.

In recent years it had fallen into the hands of the Tau, who had used it as a research facility for the past century. However now it is silent and abandoned, why would a facility so young be derelict now? Kaerys dived backwards along the skein, searching for answers.

The Tau had welcomed a human into their presence, he had an aura of danger about him, but more concerning was how his fates were masked from the Eldar, his past and present masked from her inquiring mind. He guided them to search the planet for a power source that had lain dormant under the surface, an echo of the past.

The Tau strangely followed his orders and discovered an unstable force that was meant to be left alone. It was the World Spirit from the Exodites past, and the energies of the Eldar spirits it contained rocked the planet to the core. The Tau fled, and the human escaped into the darkness once more as the World Dragon stirred to life.

Kaerys was pulled back to the present day and her runes directed her senses to the skies. Heading straight towards the planet was a Mon-Keigh ship containing the warriors known as the Angels of the Watch. Their fates were entwined with the mysterious figure from the past, her knowledge of these dark angels was how she knew the planet was in danger. The planet was in danger of destruction from their selfish crusade, and joined with that fate were the souls of millions of Eldar within the World Spirit.

The Farseer snapped from her trance like state and moved with haste,

"Ulthran must be informed," She said sternly, locating the head of the farseers through the use of the Infinity Circuit, "Ulthwé must march to Vigos, lest we condemn our fallen to she who thirsts."

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