Monday, 26 August 2013

Showcase: Crimson Hunter

I've finally finished a miniature! I know that this blog was initially a painting blog, but over the summer I've not had much time to paint, so I've been playing a lot more. But I can say that this model can be ticked off now.

The Crimson Hunter was my first foray into the world of airbrushing. To be honest, this model could have been finished in a day, such is the speed and quality of finish that an airbrush brings.

The basic scheme is Wazdakka Red on top and Ushabti bone underneath. As it was an Aspect Warrior, I didn't want it to detract too much from the shrines colour scheme. As you can see from the pictures, the large blocks of colour are nice and solid thanks to the airbrush.

I know that the scheme is quite similar to the 'Eavy Metal scheme that is featured in Games Workshop material, but wanting to take the colours of the Crimson Hunter and add a flavour of the Ulthwé craftworlds' colours doesn't leave a great palette to work with.

I decided to go with bone vanes and a black nosecone and cockpit. I used Imperial Primer for the black this time, the main reason being that it dries matt, and I feel that is more true to modern day military aviation schemes.

I also decided to use the waterslide transfers for this model. One because I have never used them before and second because my freehand is still sketchy on a large scale. It also gave me a chance to use the awesome alternate Ulthwé runes that run either side of the cockpit and look made for this model.

I'm hoping to add this model to an 1800 point tournament list in October, and also be the basis of a 1000 point list to give me a chance to learn how the unique movement rules of the flyers in Warhammer 40k work.

All that's left to do is the base, and I am looking to do something a bit special with it to really make it stand out on the tabletop. It's not a priority at the moment, because I needed the flyer for Saturday for a special event, and I don't need the base.

A lot of my models are getting to the point where they are very nearly finished, so hopefully there will be a few more showcase entries coming thick and fast.


  1. Dude, that things sick!

    I think i need to invest in an airbrush at least for my Dark Eldar if you get a finish like that.

    1. For Eldar and Dark Eldar particularly, a air brush is basically a must to get a nice even coat, especially for vehicles.
      Even a cheap one makes life much easier.

  2. Looks nice. Hope this blog continues. I'll add a link to Aspects of the void (my blog)

    1. Thank you for the link. The blog will continue, more showcases are due once I put the finishing touches to some models.