Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Like A Boss

It's been a while, work has taken it's toll and it's not like I'm actually at home much these days, but I'm going to go on a bit of a binge and drop a load of updates a bit more regularly in the next few weeks/months as I try and get more games and more painting on the go.

This small update will display the Work in Progress on the head of my Ulthwé army, Eldrad Ulthran. The guy is awesome, so needed to have a lot of time spent on him.

I need to finish off the Staff, start on the blade and then focus on the smaller decorations, hopefully working to some hand painted runes down the cloak edges.

I'm quite pleased with how he has turned out so far, and just need to continue the same standard to completion. After making a start on some of the larger kits, it's nice to work on a 25mm based piece for a change, which I honestly do prefer working on.

If I was going to the Invasion tournament in August, this would have been the model I would have entered to defend my crown. Damn Work getting in the way.

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